Joshua Kuebler

Joshua Kuebler

Homeschool Dad

100% Disabled
USMC Combat Veteran

Strength for the Journey

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I retired early due to combat injuries sustained in 2005/06 (Fallujah and Syrian border region).I am the oldest of thirteen siblings. We grew up in a small town in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and spent a lot of time on farms & acreage. My mom was a Southerner, while my dad was from New Jersey, so you could say that I am a house divided.I was 100% homeschooled K-12, graduating high school in 2001. Shortly after 9/11, I joined the Marine Corps at 17, where I spent 5 years as an Arabic Cryptologic Linguist.Following my honorable discharge in 2007, I performed a variety of military intelligence related work based out of Omaha, Nebraska for ~9 years, including:All-Source intelligence analysis for Information Warfare (Cyber Operations) at USSTRATCOMArabic Language Curriculum Development & Instruction for USAF ISR AgencySystems Development & Engineering for USAF ISR AgencyInformation Security at USSTRATCOM as a GS-12In 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business from Bellevue University. I moved back to Lancaster for a few years, switching to private industry (financial), where I briefly did Information Security analysis work.Finally my body forced me to retire in 2015. I am in constant pain, but manage to more or less get by all right. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger and all that.In 2019, I published a book, Strength for the Journey, partly as a therapeutic exercise, partially as an aid for others in dealing with difficult life issues.I now pursue my passions:
Writing on philosophy, cooking & baking, oil painting and homeschooling my daughters.
My wife, Mindy Kuebler, is an artist, fashion & jewelry designer, and the owner of Beyond Gratitude, an online boutique.Feel free to check out my blog for samples of my writing.